Month: March 2021


The range of drugs is constantly increasing, but a particularly worry causes the fact that the list of narcotic substances replenish pharmacy preparations created to treat people. Among them is a popular drug methadone. Calculated to facilitate pain and fight…


1cP-AL-LAD is a new development, a chemical substance of the lysergamide class, developed as a replacement for AL-LAD, d-LSD-25, LSD. 1cP-AL-LAD has a similar chemical structure as AL-LAD and has the same properties and can cause altered consciousness and hallucinations….

New synthetic opioid Brorphine

New tendency, the appearance of a new synthetic opioid Brorphine in to buy online. Brorphine is an opioid analgesic based on piperidine. Some of its structural analogues, originally described in 2018, are functionally biased agonists of MJ opioid receptors, demonstrating…