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Dipyanone is a new designer opioid, a potent analgesic (agonist at the μ-opioid receptor) developed as a replacement for dipipanone and has a similar molecular structure. Dipyanone, like dipipanone, is a substitute for morphine.

  •   Dipyanone
IUPAC    4,4-diphenyl-6-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)heptan-3-one
Formula     C23H29NO
Molecular weight     335.49
CAS    60996-94-3
Purity    ≥ 98%

Dipyanone designer drug sold on this website is designed for research and forensic applications. A chemical research substance called Dipyanone.

The side-effects of Dipyanone are unknown.

Storage conditions of this chemical: in a cool and dry place. The stability of this chemical compound can last up to 2 years, under the right storage conditions.

EUR 28.00/g

5g 140.00 EUR

EUR 21.00/g

10g 210 EUR

EUR 16.00/g

20g 320 EUR

EUR 10.00/g

50g 500 EUR

EUR 8.50/g

100g 850 EUR

EUR 4.50/g

1k 4500 EUR

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What do you get when you buy a chemical on euchemistry.com?
– a printed bag of aluminum foil containing a chemical of the first class Dipyanone.
-Powder over 98% pure.

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By purchasing chemical research on euchemistry.com, you buy a quality chemical at a wholesale price without excess impurities and get a discount coupon for subsequent purchases on our site.


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  1. Hi I’m very interested in this I’ve tried it before and found it was the best opiate I’ve ever tried if I can order this I would be a faithful costumer I’m new to ordering from online chem shops I’m very sceptical because there’s so many scam shops it hard to know who to trust. Do you do a small sample to make sure your legitimate because your the only place so far I’ve found dydipinone dycanol for sale excuses the spelling errors because I’m not sure how it spell. Would love some feedback my email address is …@gmail.com phone number 07… message or text would be great

      • hi i am also intrested in buying a small amount to see if this is a scam i am new to buying online chem shops aswell and would like to purchase frequently im also a bit scared becuase i live in canada and i dont know if you guys could successfully ship out to here please get back to me my email is …@gmail.com

      • Hey there. Like many others on this thread I’m in the exact same boat. I need to find an alternative to prescription drugs because I always have trouble w running out. So is it possible to sample a few of these and what kind of price wld a sample be. I’ll be doing a ton of business w whoever has the highest quality

  2. Interested in regular Dipyanone supplies. I’m willing to spend a lot of money. There are questions for delivery. Please contact me.

  3. I also interested in acquiring Dipynone, Iive in Melbourne,
    Australia, I’m sending a bunch of orders off to various Research Chemical vendors wwith the smallest amoun, initially in the hope that some of these companies are not just going to keep the money & never send daud item, I have scammed before, so I have some trust issues… I’ve background in pharmacology,

  4. Very interested in Dipianone, I want to try 5-10 g. I also want to buy o-dsmt 50 g. I am interested in non-toxic opioids, but not as powerful as fentanyl, send me what you can advise. I have crypto and I am ready to start working with you.

  5. Very interested in aquiring dipynone. If any could share where to get it, I would be owe them . I suffer horrible intestinal pain, and doctors no longer treat pain.

  6. Hi I’d like to buy a small amount to test it. I’m currently living in Brazil and this is legal here so I’d love to find a good supply for this. I want to make sure it’s legit and good quality and then I’d buy very often. Can you please email me so we can talk?

  7. Can you deliver to Sweden? How do you deliver? I know you are a legit supplier. I want to buy 10 grams, if the package reaches me, I will order a lot more. Contact me.

  8. Looking to purchase regularly for pain relief. How do I find out if legal in US? Thanks

  9. I am very interested in buying large shipments of Dipyanone after a small sample has been successfully received I live in US.

  10. We urgently need regular deliveries of Dipyanone to the Netherlands and Germany. Is it possible? Answer me.

  11. Im interested in dipyanone and other chems successful delivery to us.Please contact with moq to test service and quality

  12. Please contact me via email about dipyanone and any other chems with similar properties.
    Big spender here

  13. I want to try dipyanone, do you deliver from the EU, NL or delivery from another country?

  14. Hi there I too am very much interested in placing a smaller order to make sure everything plays out smoothly and then I’ll be back I can guarantee that. Was hoping to place a test order of a smaller quantity of dipyanone. Also was curious if you would be willing to do the same with a smaller test order of ketamine.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience!

  15. I would love to purchase 3g of Dipyanon powder please. Please email me with details on how to place an order.

    Thank you!


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